Austro-Hungaria, Navy group with bravery medal

This very nice grouping of Maschinen-Maat Hans (Johannes) Knoll of the Austro-Hungarian Navy was found in the Netherlands including his handwritten notes on the items and his service.

Maat is the name of the NCO rank he had and Maschinen (so a mechanic) was the trade in which he was active. A special arm badge was used the show the trade, woven or printed for NCO’s and in embroidered bullion for officers.

The white example from the white uniform in the photo below and the blue version for on the work uniform.

He was active on different ships during the 5 years (1913-’18) he served. In the picture below he is wearing the tally for Patrouillenboot Barsch of the Danube flottila but he also was active on regular navy ships that are listed on his note further in the blog.

The trade badge can be seen here on his left sleeve, also note the capbadge and the tally for Patrouillenboot Barsch.

And his cap badges from the Kaiser Franz-Joseph and Kaiser Karl period, each with a different cipher.

The group included his personal watch, a Doxa, a compass and a souvenir watch for the Jubileum of Kaiser Franz Joseph:

But for me as a medal collector the most important part is his medal group:

The silver bravery medal 2nd class was awarded in februari 1917, unfortunately I do not know yet for which action and on which ship:

And his notes on the items and his service!

A list of his medals and at the end his name.
A list of ships and locations in which he was active.

In this form it is a very nice and rare bravery group for the Austro-Hungarian Navy!