About Erikscollectables

Since my childhood I have had an interest in military history. I did not pursue this profesionally but since then I have been busy collecting “pieces of history” and researching them.

This is the website where I will blog about my current interests, new additions to my collections and the research I am doing at the moment. Some blogs will end up as articles which I publish on a regular basis.  

My main fields of interest are: the Dutch East Indies Army, the Atjeh War, Atjeh and Gayo status weapons, Hungary in WW1 and 2 and Gallantry / Bravery medals of the Netherlands and Hungary.

All content is on a historical basis only with no political or other opinions.

For more info or questions you can me reach at: info@erikscollectables.com

Thanks for looking, Erik

Recently I have added a watermark to all pictures on this website as many pictures were re used without a reference to the source. These watermarks are a bulk application therefore some public domain pictures also have gotten that watermark on this website. If you are the copyright owner of any picture on this website do let me know and I will adapt the content according to your wishes.