Austro-Hungarian Marchbatallion XXVI, BH2 – Bosnian Infantry Regiment 2

These are pictures of an officer from Trautenau who volunteered (1 year volunteer) and became an officer in BH2 together with several of his friends or familiy members. The earlier pictures in this blog came from the same album!

Photo while still as an aspiring officer (so NCO in rank, training as an officer) in 1916
Sitting in the middle
Back row, second from left, now as a decorated officer (in training)
On the right side Almasi, on the left Erben (GBM) and the third from left Edelsbrunner with EK2
Edelsbrunner left, Almasi right
And as a decorated officer in 1918
Both Almasi brothers at the back, Edelsbrunner front?

The older brother on the left was an artillery officer and of him I will make another blog!